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Want Future Solutions Now!!

Posted on January 4, 2014 at 2:17 PM
Is your Athletic Sports Floor looking and performing as the way it did when it was brand new?

If you’re not sure about this, let me inform you a little….
Your floors as being in new condition have zip looks, fresh popping paint, always sparkle, wonderful first impressions, and of course your players rebound, stopping, and physical performance are always better!

With our 40 years of NBA, NCAA, & Athletic Floor services, WFC is completely positive we can make yours be this way! 

Do you use tape to put on the floor for game lines?

Some athletic facilities do this and realize it pulls up polyurethane, game line paint, discolors & leaves a shadow line….. Relax. No problem!!!  We have you covered, we have safety line tape, or we can apply whatever lines needed in transparent paint and make it look like it was done when your gym floor was originally finished and painted. 

Any paint or poly peeling?

Sometimes this is a very normal situation in many facilities for us. This is caused by improper sanding before the new coat of polyurethane or paint goes down on the floor. We have MFMA trained tech’s that are certified to do the job right and with the best workmanship to ensure this situation does not happen to your floors.

Any cupping or warp boards?

This is a situation caused by either moisture, water leaks, building humidity problems, or your current maintenance provider using those floor scrubber machines that release water and suck the water back up. We offer free consultation at the gymnasium floor site to review, give moisture readings, and give you the MFMA certified recommendation to properly fix this situation the low and cost effective way for you.                       

Is your floor shiny? Need a new look?

If your floors are dull, have a shadow, dark spots, faded, paint chipping off, or just plain ugly to you……. Give us a call…. we are here to help and we have 3D images of what your floor can look like if you decide to change the layout, add logo’s, letters, design a mascot, or want to change colors. We can do all this and send up to 3 proof layouts for you and the athletic director’s to review. 

Does your current Athletic Floor Contractor offer a 5 star maintenance?

Give Us A Call For Details...770-943-0034

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